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5 Qualities of Bad eCommerce Websites

by | May 28, 2021 | Web Design

5 Qualities of Bad eCommerce Websites, Design Squid, E-Commerce Web Design

Do have a bad eCommerce website? Are you seeing high conversion rates or high bounce rates? How you answer that question may ultimately be your answer to the first question. Learn what qualities your website should have to ensure you keep your visitors and are building the best online shopping experience possible.

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Avoid These eCommerce Design Mistakes

Whether you realize it or not, poorly designed websites receive fewer visitors and even less return on investment. What’s more, if your brand is commonly associated with a bad website, potential customers may be tempted to look elsewhere merely for the user experience. If you have an eCommerce site or are in the process of building an online business, be sure to avoid these type of design mistakes.

  1. Hard to read product descriptions
  2. Poor categorization
  3. Lack of search functionality
  4. Complicated checkout process
  5. Hidden customer support

1) Hard to Read Product Descriptions

Since online users are unable to touch and feel products first-hand, descriptions on product pages are their first impression. Don’t leave potential customers guessing how a product works, looks, feels, or performs. Whether it’s through product reviews, high-quality images, or readable fonts, make sure your product descriptions are as clear as possible.

2) Poor Categorization

Most online stores arrange and list their products in different categories. While this is standard practice, the type of terms used can greatly affect the functionality of this feature. Be sure to use terms that are relevant to your audience and are specific to rightly organizing your products.

3) Lack of Search Functionality

When a user is unsure what category a particular product falls under, having a search bar is crucial. In order for this feature to work optimally, however, each product description should be written with terms that are often associated with each product. This is where search engine optimization comes in handy for organic traffic and internal search functionality.

4) Complicated Checkout Process

When a user is ready to make a purchase, they shouldn’t have to think about how to complete that process. Make sure your prices are visible, buttons are easy to understand, and the checkout process makes sense. For many business owners, it might be helpful to do a couple of test runs through your eCommerce site to find any loose ends or hard-to-navigate steps.

5) Hidden Customer Support

Similar to brick and mortar stores, eCommerce businesses must have a way to offer support for after-purchase concerns. Unfortunately, many web designers focus on the product pages more than the support information. This can frustrate customers who may be having a problem with a product and need immediate assistance. All that to say, make sure users can easily find how to get help through your website.

eCommerce Website Design Matters

The last thing you want to hear is that someone wanted to buy your product but chose to because of your website design. By ensuring that you’re focusing on user-friendly navigation and clear descriptions, you can give current and future customers an opportunity to interact positively with your brand.

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