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What is a marketing service?

Marketing is at the base of every method used to tell customers about your products or services. Without a good marketing plan, it won’t matter if you have the best idea or invention in the world. To promote your business, you have to get found in the right place and at the right time by your ideal customer. That’s what you get with Design Squid’s marketing services. We use the latest marketing tools to boost brand awareness and help potential customers get interested in what you have to offer.

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What is our process?

Our process is focused on building content marketing campaigns around your products and services. First, we take extra time to learn who you are as a company. After meeting with you and discussing your goals, we start researching your target audience to find topics they would be interested in. From there, we’ll start producing blog posts and posting through your different social media platforms to start engaging your customers. Once we start posting, we’ll continue to maintain your brand and will adjust the marketing efforts every couple of months to meet your needs.

Do you offer video marketing?

Yes, we do! High-resolution videos are becoming the backbone of digital marketing campaigns. Whether you have raw footage ready to edit or need a film crew to arrive at your location, we can help you create a video that makes you stand out.

Video marketing

Custom Mobile

Enhance your website’s design to fit both mobile and tablet devices.

Web Hosting

Let us handle setting up your website with the right hosting service for you.

Logo & Graphic Design

Give your brand a unique look and feel with a personalized logo.

Expand your digital marketing range

Don’t leave your marketing strategy up to chance. Get a killer marketing strategy with a personalized plan to fit your current customer base with our marketing services.