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Do you produce videos in Houston?

Crazy, huh? It’s true, we can shoot a music video, make your child feel like a star, or take videos of you doing some extreme nonsense with a couple of GoPros. Whatever your craft, business, or hobby, we can help bring your story to life in a way that will be hard to forget.

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What is the Design Squid video process?

As we said before we always want to know your story before we start on your project. By doing this we construct a vision of the project and align what we create with your values. We then shoot as much film as possible and go straight to the editing room. Next is the color grading and post-production prep after your approval. Once it’s ready, we’ll give you the master file and will even upload it to your YouTube or Vimeo channel if you want!

Nebular Films

Print Design

From small designs to large billboards, we can design whatever you need.

Custom Mobile

Enhance your website’s design to fit both mobile and tablet devices.

Web Design

Highlight your business in the most unique way possible.

Enhance your content marketing capabilities

Video content is all the rage these days. Stay ahead of your competition and offer content that your target audience will want to share with others by learning more about our video production services.