Website Hosting The Woodlands

managing and maintaining your server so you dont have to.

What is website hosting?

Web hosting is a service that takes your finished website and uploads it to a server for the entire world to find. And in order to finalize your project we have to check three things off the list: your domain, a finished website, and your hosting. We like to offer all of our clients this service because it easier to have your website managed and maintained by one person instead of several. Once we finish your website we connect your domain to the host we create for you and then we upload your site to that host. Voila, easy as pie. After that we make sure to keep your information secure so next time you want some changes made we’re only a quick call away.

Do you have a data center?

We would love to humor this question but being smart is almost always better than being prideful. We don’t own our servers because next time a hurricane plows through Houston, TX we don’t want your website going down. What we do instead is rent servers from enormous and secure data centers and build them out as needed. We know our mothers would be proud for being so responsible, and thats what makes website hosting from Design Squid such a great investment.

What are the benefits of your hosting?

When your website is ready to go live we deploy your own SSD cloud server. Your website stays lighting fast and can scale from one to thousands of volumes to run your production workloads. We create, automate, and manage a robust infrastructure with DNS, floating IPs for failover, private networking, and IPv6.

Additional Features

We deploy multiple volumes with a few clicks within our terminal.

Easy to vertically scale your volume’s resources up or down based on your usage.

We enable automatic backups during volume creation or take a snapshot at any time.

We use enterprise-grade solid state disks (SSDs) for increased storage performance.

Design Squid keeps a close eye on your volume’s bandwidth, disk, and CPU levels.

We can add customized scripts to automate the installation of packages during initial setup.

Enterprise-grade KVM hypervisors for improved network performance and security.

Where do we start?

Hold on partner, you might be excited as we are about your new project but we’ve got some questions. We want to get to know you first, face to face. We also want to hear your story. What is it that wakes you up in the morning to do what you do, or what was it that woke you up this morning to start planning out the new business idea you’ve been kicking around for years? Whatever it might be, we find that the closer we get to the story, the clearer the vision we can follow.
So fill this form out and we’ll reach out quickly. Let us know a preferred time and date and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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