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Skip the headache of third-party website hosting

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What is website hosting?

Web hosting is a service that takes your finished website and uploads it to a server. To finalize your project we have to check three things off the list: your domain, a finished website, and your hosting. We like to offer all of our clients this service because it is easier to have your website maintained by one person instead of several. Once we finish your website, we connect your domain to the host we create for you. We then upload your site to that host. After that, we make sure to keep your information secure for any ongoing maintenance needs that may arise.

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Do you have a data center?

The short answer is no. It is more important to us that your website stays functional in the event of an emergency. Instead, we rent dedicated servers from enormous and secure data centers and build them out as needed. Your peace of mind is our priority. That’s what makes website hosting services from Design Squid such a great investment.

What do your hosting plans include?



We make it easy to scale your volume’s resources based on your usage.


Automatic Backups

We enable automatic backups during volume creation and keep them safely stored for you.


Increased Storage

We use enterprise-grade solid-state disks (SSDs) for increased storage performance.


Bandwidth Monitoring

We keep a close eye on your volume’s bandwidth, disk, and CPU levels.


Installation Automation

We can add customized scripts to automate the package installation during initial setup.


Improved Security

We develop enterprise-grade KVM hypervisors for network performance and protection.

What are the benefits of your hosting options?

When your website is ready to go live, we deploy your SSD cloud server. Your website stays lighting fast and can scale from one to thousands of volumes to run your production workloads. We create, automate, and manage a robust infrastructure with DNS, floating IPs for failover, private networking, and IPv6.


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Print Design

From small designs to large billboards, we can design whatever you need.

Web Design

Highlight your business in the most unique way possible.

Video Production

Get the best angle of your business for your next promotional campaign.

Secure the hosting of your website server

Design Squid is here to provide you with any web hosting services you may need. We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure your new website is functioning 100%.