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5 Types of Social Media Content Trending in 2021

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Social Media

5 Types of Social Media Content Trending in 2021, Design Squid

As a small business owner, it’s vital to stay ahead of the competition every step of the way. One avenue worth pursuing is social media marketing. Take a look at the types of social media content currently trending this year to give your business the edge it deserves.

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Most Popular Types of Content

Social media platforms are one of the most crucial parts of online marketing. Ever since the invention of the iPhone in 2007, mobile devices have expanded their capabilities and made social media accounts accessible from anywhere. Today, many users who spend time on their phones or tablet use social media on a daily basis. Whether it’s sharing posts with friends, buying items through online shops, or watching the latest viral videos, social media has become a part of our lives. Here are some of the top social media posts we’ve noticed trending this year:

  1. Live streams
  2. Facebook and Instagram stories
  3. Social media shopping
  4. User-generated content
  5. Easily-digestible videos 

1) Live Streams

During the quarantine period of 2020, social media saw an influx of live stream events in every sphere of influence. While things are starting to open up and in-person events are being scheduled, live stream events have continued to remain a popular way for businesses to directly connect with their followers. Whether you’re hosting a virtual event on Facebook live or trying to promote services through Zoom, going “live” is definitely something that will continue to be used in the near future.

2) Facebook and Instagram Stories

In addition to Facebook and Instagram, other platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn are starting to experiment with the “story” function as a content form. Since stories are only visible for 24 hours, these content forms are a great way to quickly grab users’ attention and share information about your business. With the addition of GIFs, music, and stickers to the story functions 

3) Social Media Shopping

A big push toward social commerce has become more popular with the introduction of online shops within social media profiles. In addition to giving large companies a way to connect with customers right from their mobile devices, shopping through social media has helped startups and influencers grow their businesses in little to no time. In a couple of clicks, users can buy a product directly from their social media app and then return to scrolling through their feed. 

4) User-Generated Content

One thing that has remained constant within social marketing strategies has been the need for original content. With user-generated content, you can obtain real photos/videos of your product free of charge from people actually using it. Not only does this help highlight your brand but will help to give your profile a personal feel, which will help your customers connect with you long term and not just see you as a cold storefront.

5) Easily-Digestible Videos

As with anything on social media or the internet, we’ve continued to notice that users have short attention spans. Videos continue to be an important part of any content strategy, but having an optimal length is key. According to Sprout Social, 2 to 5 minutes is the most optimal length for videos posted to Facebook whereas other social media profiles see better success with 30-second videos.

Staying Relevant & Authentic

Because we live in a digital world, it’s easy for brands and social media users to get lost in the masses of comments, likes, and shares. If you want to create a social media strategy that engages your audience, focus on authenticity. Users know when you’re being honest with them, and at the end of the day, that’s what going to count. If your social media profile is easy to access and gives users an inside look into who you are, you’re going to elicit followers that stay.

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