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Why Do I Need A Website? 3 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Site

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Websites

Why Do I Need A Website? 3 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Site

Are websites that important? The short answer is yes. The real question is why do startups need to invest in a well-designed site to succeed? 

Websites give your business an opportunity to connect with your online audience. Sites bring authenticity to your business and help establish your startup’s identity.

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Why do I need a website? 

In today’s world, online spaces are the most important part of business as a whole. For many clients, your site is their first impression of your company. This means your online presence is often the deciding factor for many potential clients. There are many other reasons to have your own page, but here are the three most important to us: 

  1. Connect with online clientele 
  2. Bring authenticity to your business
  3. Establish your startup’s identity

1) Connect With Online Clientele

Two of the biggest pros to having an online presence are honing in on target audiences, and drawing in potential customers. Websites work as digital business cards for your online clientele. They let you showcase your product or service in the best possible light. Sites also make practices like digital marketing much easier.

2) Bring Authenticity To Your Business 

Nothing brings a business authenticity more than an optimized website. If you have a well-put-together site, it shows your clients that you are trustworthy. Not having a website, or a bad site can harm your business.

3) Establish Your Startup’s Identity

Your site is your first impression. Even your in-person clients will likely take a peek at your website to better understand your company. A good site can also allow small business owners to become more connected in their local community.  

Design Squid Can Help

Do you need a professionally designed and optimized website built? Design Squid specializes in building sites that are an extension of our clients. Web design is our passion, and we want to share this skill with local businesses in our area. 

Contact us if you need us to build a stellar website for your startup.