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A Simplified Website Design Checklist for Success

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Branding, Logo Design, Web Design

A Simplified Website Design Checklist for Success Design Squid

Creating a seamless website design requires a detailed website design checklist, and it does not have to be complicated or overwhelming. All you need to do is ensure that the website looks professional and easy to navigate. Thankfully, this guide will show you how to create a successful website.

What Should Be on Your Design Checklist for Website Success?

Before your website goes live, you need to customize it to suit your needs. Also, it must communicate your objectives and the services you offer. That way, you’ll prove your experiences and intelligence, helping you win your visitors’ trust.

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  1. Basic Structure
  2. Navigation Menu
  3. Subpage Groups
  4. Logo Design
  5. Colors and Theme
  6. Keyword Research
  7. Optimized Content

1) Basic Structure

Structure matters a lot when it comes to website design. Ensure that all your web pages comprise essential structural elements, including a header, body, and footer. Also, don’t forget to add a hero image. All of that will make the website more attractive and visible.

2) Navigation Menu

When people visit your site, they would love to find what they are looking for quickly, and that’s where the navigation menu comes in handy to help. The menu acts as a roadmap guiding visitors to your website. An excellent example is a call to action.

3) Subpage Groups

If you want additional specialized pages apart from the top-level ones, consider grouping them into subpages under the top-level pages. That will make the website easier to navigate, allowing visitors to quickly find what they are searching for.

4) Logo Design

You need a perfect logo that can represent your brand professionally. It will help your visitors recognize your business whenever they glimpse your logo. Let the logo blend perfectly with your website’s theme. It should also have a transparent background.

5) Colors and Theme

If you want to customize your website to look more professional and branded, use consistent colors throughout the website. You can blend white, black, or grey with the brand color to make the website look more attractive.

6) Keyword Research 

Proper keyword research can keep your website more visible on search engines. Look for keywords your target audience searches for and incorporate them into your web pages. By doing so, your website will always appear top in search engine results pages.

7) Optimized Content

Now that you know the significance of keywords, you need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO). In other words, optimize your content to be web-friendly to the search engines. You can use Google Analytics to improve SEO and content marketing.

Using This Checklist to Design a Successful Website

With this website design checklist, you can design business websites professionally representing your brand. Customize all the parts of your website, including structure, navigation menu, and logo, to ensure they align with the standard design prototypes.

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