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3 Popular Website Styles

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Web Design

3 Popular Website Styles, Design Squid, Houston Texas

When redesigning your website in 2021, it’s essential to choose from the most popular website styles. Incorporating modern web designs into your marketing strategy will likely create a good impression of your brand. As a result, you’ll improve prospects or sales.

What are some popular website styles? 

Most web design trends for 2021 seem to use a common theme, which seeks new levels of realism. For instance, they blend ordinary and digital aspects to reflect the latest web design trends. So, here are the popular website styles to embrace. 

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  1. Minimalist Design
  2. Dark Mode
  3. Bright Color Schemes

1) Minimalist Design

A minimalist design strategy simplifies interfaces by eliminating unnecessary content or elements that don’t support user tasks. One excellent form of a web design trend that embraces minimalist design is neomorphic. It comprises simplified colors and icons less realistically but more uniform and identifiable.

2) Dark Mode

The dark mode web design is growing in popularity due to its numerous benefits. It has counteracted the white space that has dominated screen-based media. But, some website owners avoid the black and white extremes and opt for soft color palettes such as light pinks, pastel blues, wholesome greens, and warm browns.

3) Bright Color Schemes

Another popular website style is bright, elegant color schemes, which you can combine with other shades to compliment the website’s appearance. Some bright color schemes that can perfect your site’s color palette are pink, blue, and orange. However, you can combine bright colors with dark hues to make your website more inviting.

The Importance of Responsive Design

Despite the kind of website style you select, it’s vital to have a responsive web design to improve user experience. In other words, you need to make your website adapt to the visitors’ viewport devices. A responsive web design enables web pages to load quickly without distortions. It also makes your website mobile-friendly and easy to read.

Redesign Your Website With Design Squid

Now that you know the three popular website designs, it’s worth improving your website to incorporate the latest web design elements into it. Thankfully, Design Squid can help you redesign your website to match your style and the current trends.

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