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Is Social Media Dead?

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Social Media

Is Social Media Dead, Design Squid

With the alarming trends in digital marketing on some of the most popular social media platforms, you may wonder, “Is social media dead?” The truth is that social media isn’t dead, although the first-ever social media platforms, like Myspace, are extinct. Popular social media platforms that seem not to die soon are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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According to PAVLOV, social media will never die when used correctly in digital marketing. In other words, the social media platforms will prove their relevance and authenticity when brands actively engage consumers. Studies reveal that 86 percent of consumers trust honest and authentic brands on social networks.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the facts about social media; is it dead or not?

Is social media dying?

Social media users are constantly increasing, with Facebook now boasting around 2.91 billion monthly active users. On the other hand, Instagram now has about 1.34 billion users. The statistics are proof that social media is not dying soon. Besides, we expect 92.1 percent of U.S. marketers to use social platforms for marketing by 2021.

What drives social media engagement?

Despite social media challenges, many businesses continue to utilize social media in their digital marketing efforts. Besides, social media networks have introduced tools to help companies build their brands online. Businesses now need to focus on authenticity to earn consumers’ trust and remain relevant in the dynamic social media landscape.

What do social media users really want?

As many businesses shift their focus to digital marketing, social media users also value their privacy. The chances are that users won’t likely share posts with large audiences in the future. For that reason, trends like artificial intelligence and virtual reality are likely to take over social networks. That will boost the users’ engagement on the platforms.

Let’s optimize your social marketing strategy

Is social media dead? No, social media is just evolving, and brands also need to evolve to cope with the changing demands of social media users. By doing so, businesses will meet all the users’ expectations, including their privacy. The good news is that Design Squid can help you optimize your social media marketing strategies.

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