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7 Festive Christmas Content Ideas

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Holidays, Social Media

7 Festive Christmas Content Ideas, Design Squid Marketing Agency

The festive season is here, which means it’s time to acquaint yourself with engaging Christmas content ideas for your business. As the holidays approach, customers are looking to buy gifts for their loved ones, creating a prime business opportunity for you. Let’s find out what you can do to attract and engage potential customers this holiday season.

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Christmas Content Ideas Worth Sharing

There are several Christmas content ideas to implement this festive season. For many brands, Christmas-related content can start as early as mid-October to allow potential clients to explore your offers. Here are the other tips to consider. 

  1. Start a countdown
  2. Create a “12 days of Christmas” campaign
  3. Kick off a photo contest
  4. Share a gift guide
  5. Request user-generated content
  6. Get in the holiday spirit with a giveaway
  7. List your favorite Christmas recipes

1) Start a countdown

Countdowns are effective marketing strategies during this Christmas holiday. For example, if you sell online, consider creating an advent calendar on your e-commerce website, then feature an item with the biggest discount of each day that leads up to December 25th.

2) Create a “12 days of Christmas” campaign

You can start a Christmas campaign centered around 12 days with new discount codes every day. That will encourage potential buyers to check into your store daily for whatever product is being highlighted that day. As a result, it will help you sell your Christmas-only gifts faster.

3) Kick off a photo contest

Christmas photo contests can significantly boost engagement and sales in your business. You can encourage customers to take pictures and win a gift from your company. Then, let them share the photos on social media platforms such as Instagram.

4) Share a gift guide

Many people love gifts, which means most of your clients will be buying gifts for their loved ones. However, choosing the right Christmas gift idea can be tricky for many buyers. You can create a gift guide to help your customers make informed decisions, helping to highlight your products in the process!

5) Request user-generated content

Encouraging your clients to take original photos with your products is a great marketing strategy this Christmas season. Such content can be useful in Christmas social media campaigns as it can help your business win new customers’ trust and improve sales.

6) Get in the holiday spirit with a giveaway

Another effective strategy to create engagement and attract new customers this holiday season is offering giveaways. Ensure the giveaways are holiday-themed and post them on your social media profiles. Whether it’s using festive accessories or Christmas prizes, a giveaway is a fun way to get customers excited about your brand.

7) List your favorite Christmas recipes

There’s no doubt that many families will spend time and dine together this holiday season. So, listing your favorite Christmas recipe on your social media posts can help engage customers and bring more people to your website. Another idea is to offer your recipes as a gift for customers who visit your shop in person, helping to boost your sales.

What’s Your Idea for Christmas?

These Christmas content ideas can help you engage many customers in your business and promote brand awareness. Just like any other time of year, social media content enables you to stay relevant and in touch with what’s happening in the lives of your customers.

Connect with us for more Christmas ideas this holiday season!

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