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3 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Social Media

3 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence, Design Squid

LinkedIn is the best digital marketing platform to build your brand and become an influential thoughtful leader in your niche, especially for larger companies. Get the tips you need to keep up with the ‘LinkedIn best practices for 2021’ to strengthen your marketing strategy from our team with this review.

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LinkedIn Best Practices for 2021

When you opt to build your brand on LinkedIn, you need to understand how it works. What practices will generate the best responses? What tools can help you maximize the platform’s potential? This guide looks at all of that.

To boost your LinkedIn presence, start with the following hacks:

  1. Share visual types of content
  2. Be a thought leader, not a salesman
  3. Tag people relevant to your industry

1) Share Visual Types of Content

Did you know that visual content grabs the attention of your target audience? Well-designed visuals increase people’s desire to read content by 80 percent. So, it would help if you spiced up your content posting with eye-catching images, videos, slides, or podcasts to hook the reader.

2) Be a Thought Leader, Not a Salesman

Although your target goal is to increase sales, don’t be pushy in your LinkedIn posts. Avoid being sales by not posting about your product so directly. People will view it as an advert and turn away.

Instead, engage in thought leadership-style conversation. If people like your discussion, they will visit your website to see your services and products. Keep your eyes on the higher price, building the relationship, and increasing your social network.

3) Tag People Relevant to Your Industry

Anytime you tag another person in your LinkedIn post, they get a notification of the mention, thus encouraging engagement. However, remain capped to your industry and tag people who are relevant to the post. Also, avoid tagging specific people all the time or tagging a bunch of people in one post. Such posts look a bit spammy.

Build Brand Awareness with LinkedIn

Building brand awareness with LinkedIn can be daunting. You will stumble into challenges as you try to promote your brand. Start by going to your LinkedIn company page, add visuals to a piece of content, and tag people relevant to the post. In little to no time, you can guarantee that your LinkedIn follower count will increase and your brand will get the attention it deserves.

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