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Why Are Long-tail Keywords Important?

by | Apr 29, 2022 | SEO


As a beginner in search engine optimization (SEO), you might wonder, “Why are long-tail keywords important?” Using long-tail keywords is an excellent SEO tactic for every business operating online. As the name suggests, these keywords are long, meaning they are more specific. They have less search traffic but a higher conversion value.

Most SEO experts use long-tail keywords to avoid the growing competition for core keywords. Most blogs and businesses use this SEO strategy to attract site visitors with specific search intent. As a result, they can achieve more conversion rates. If you opt for long-tail keywords, you need to use them correctly.

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This guide explores everything you need to know about long-tail keywords.

What is a Long Tail Keyword?

Long-tail keywords are long and more specific phrases that site visitors are likely to use when searching for information in search engines. These keyword phrases comprise 3-4 words that focus on a specific niche. Although long-tail keywords have low search volumes, the search intent for these keywords is high and can increase conversions.

Drive Organic Search Traffic

You can use long-tail keywords to build your site’s organic strength in search engines like Google. Your content will rank high in organic Google searches. The keywords are valuable, and that’s why advertisers running paid marketing campaigns use them to get higher ad rankings. So, look for long-tail keywords in your niche and apply them in your SEO campaigns.

Narrow Your Target Audience 

You can narrow down your target audience by using long-tail keywords that the targeted group uses to search for content in search engines. This increases the chances of your site content being seen by people who are ready to act. Since the keywords are more specific, higher percentages of the searches will translate into conversions and sales.

Get Help From Design Squid

Why are long-tail keywords important? Well, now that you know the benefits of long-tail keywords, you need to focus on them when performing keyword research. The trick is to source long-tail keywords that suit your website and niche. Thankfully, there are many SEO tools for keyword research. Design Squid can help you find the most reliable ones.

Contact us to learn more SEO tips and strategies for your keywords.

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