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When Should You Start Marketing Your Startup?

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Marketing

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Marketing your startup can be challenging when you don’t figure out the best time to start marketing. After successfully launching a product or service, you may wonder when is the right time to begin marketing your new business. While marketing can increase your sales significantly, doing it at the wrong time can cost your business.

The primary objective of marketing is to boost brand awareness and increase sales. So, before you reach the target market, you must establish your business and prepare to deliver. Otherwise, you might end up generating leads but fail to close sales. Meeting your customers’ expectations will grow your profits faster.

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So, what’s the best time to start marketing your startup?

Short Answer: After the Beta Stage

The beta or “proof of concept” stage is the final testing round before launching a product or service. It allows you to illustrate the viability of your business idea and determine its market potential. Invest in pre-launch marketing campaigns to establish an audience presence before launching your products or services. That will increase customer acquisition in your business.

Have a Thorough Marketing Plan

When starting a business, you must devise an effective startup marketing strategy before working on the beta stage. The marketing plan must specify how you’ll achieve your goals. It must also provide details about your service or product’s costs and market needs. Don’t forget to mention what the product does, what makes it unique, your target audience, and how to reach potential customers.

Strength in Pre-Launch Hype

Please take advantage of the pre-launch hype and convert it to customer leads. You can achieve that by sending beta invites, such as a sign-up form on your business site. The form should only gather the necessary information to ensure the sign-up process is not time-consuming. You can also host contests with rewards for active participants. Consider promoting the contests through social media marketing to grow your following.

Design Squid Can Help

Now that you know when to start marketing your startup, you need to invest in cost-effective marketing tools to strengthen your marketing efforts. But first, you must perform market research to determine the feasibility of your products or services. Invest in content marketing to boost your business’s online presence with Design Squid’s help.

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