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Local Keywords VS Search Queries

by | May 27, 2022 | Local SEO


It’s easy to confuse local keywords vs search queries because many people use the two terms interchangeably. Unfortunately, even some professional digital marketers confuse a keyword with a query. While the two terms may mean the same thing to some people, they mean different things. This guide explores the differences between the two.

A search query is a word or phrase a search engine user enters in the search box when searching for information. But, a keyword is a word or phrase targeted by digital marketers for search engine optimization.

Local keywords and search queries are often used interchangeably, but they are different. Learn the differences between local keywords vs search queries. Click To Tweet

Local Keywords

A local keyword is an exact word or phrase targeted in an organic search campaign or paid search. These search terms get used based on the products and services offered by a digital marketer. So, web content with keywords can rank on search results pages.

SEO experts use local keywords to increase their content’s search engine visibility. Unfortunately, visitors searching for information on Google don’t use keywords.

Search Queries

Search queries are the words or phrases that people type in the search boxes of search engines like Google when looking for information. Different users can frame their search queries uniquely when searching for the same information. Search queries can sometimes have misspellings, which Google corrects on the results page.

Differences and Similarities

The main difference between search queries and keywords is who is using them. Users enter search queries into search engines for information but marketers use local keywords in SEO and PPC campaigns.

In structure, search queries are often longer than keywords. However, you can obtain a target keyword from a search query for search marketing campaigns. Both local keywords and search queries are search terms that help users find information.

Have Design Squid Help With Your SEO

Targeting every search query users enter in search engines can be challenging because users type different questions for the same information every day. However, you can select keywords from your target audience’s search queries and optimize your website to rank for SEO purposes. Thankfully, Design Squid can help you do that.

Contact us to learn more differences between local keywords vs search queries.

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