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Website Design Trends To Try In 2022

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design

Website Design Trends to Try in 2022 Design Squid

It’s a new year with new website design trends to explore! Now is a great time to look into popular and upcoming trends for 2022 web design so that you can build a new website for search engine optimization or revamp your website with refreshed graphic design.

This year we’ll see a lot of UX designs that add depth to your website using everything from white space to unique color schemes. Minimalist designs that utilize one page only, interactive hero sections and images, and the futuristic-looking glassmorphism era is among the web design community in 2022.

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One-Page Websites

Minimalist designs have been all the rage in recent years for new websites. If your products or services are less complex and don’t require many different pages, a one-page web design could work well. Think of it as a way to display your work to your target audience in one concise space. 

Interactive Fonts & Elements

A great way to increase user engagement is to add interactive elements and text. If your design elements and typography are clean and easy to read, you can add cutting-edge effects for a unique user experience. Note that this design trend should be used in moderation, almost like a centerpiece for your website. 

Glassmorphism Effect

The transparent and glossy effect of glassmorphism has risen in popularity since early 2021. It’s a modern web design and development trend that gives a high-quality vibe with a glass-like visual. Many developers have popularized this three-dimensional glass effect across smartphones, apps, and operating systems. 

Unleash Your Online Creativity in 2022

There are plenty of 2022 website design trends to try out and even to be discovered, so have fun playing around with colors, elements, and effects that work best for your brand’s look. Visit our team of professional designers and get started on designing your trendy website today! 

Get in touch with us to learn more about our website design services.

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