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4 Reasons Why Graphic Design Matters

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Graphic Design

4 Reasons Why Graphic Design Matters, Design Squid, Texas

There are many reasons why graphic design matters in marketing and business. Good graphic design in your logo or any other design elements can benefit your business in many ways. But how does graphic design help your business?

What are some reasons why graphic design matters?

Graphic design matters a lot for many different reasons. Good graphics can make more of an impact on your clients, drive engagement, enforce brand consistency, and many other benefits. 

What are some reasons why graphic design matters for a business? And why should you as a business owner care about your web design? Learn more here! #designsquid #graphicdesign #marketing Click To Tweet
  1. Pictures Are More Impactful
  2. Brand Consistency is Important
  3. Graphics Drive Engagement
  4. First Impressions Matter

1) Pictures Are More Impactful

Oftentimes pictures are more impactful than text posts. The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is quite accurate. Social media users can gather information a lot faster from a graphic or picture because all the information is right there. There is a visual appeal to good design, so it tends to leave more of an impact on your target audience. 

2) Brand Consistency is Important

One of the most important aspects your brand should have is consistency. Good graphic design is another opportunity to bring consistency to your brand. The best way to ensure consistency in all your designs is to make a brand styling guide. This will include all the information you would need for designing a new graphic including specific colors and fonts you use on your website. 

3) Graphics Drive Engagement

Another great benefit to using graphic design in your website as well as your social media is that it drives engagement. Social media users are much more likely to engage with a graphic about your upcoming event than they are to read a paragraph about the same event. Unless you are in a medium that writing is meant for (like a blog post) graphics are more likely to catch the attention of your audience. 

4) First Impressions Matter

Finally, first impressions do matter. If a potential client is checking out your website, the graphic design displayed on that site is what is going to solidify their opinion of your brand. Good graphic design is going to ensure that you make a good first impression. 

A unique logo will catch the eye of your audience. Think about instantly recognizable logos like Coca-Cola and Disney. The reason they stick in the minds of the public is that they are unique. You as a business owner want your own logo to have the same effect on your audience. 

Communication is Easy With Good Design

To sum up, communication is easy with good design in every part of marketing. Even formatting a blog post has elements of design that make blog posts easier to understand. Separating your post into easily digestible subheadings means the reader can quickly get a sense of what the article is about before they invest the time into reading it. This is similar to what graphic design does. 

Design For Small Businesses

Graphic design matters because it makes your product and services more attractive to your intended audience. Good web design gives your audience a sense of your product, as well as shows them why you do what you do. If you are looking for a company that will help you in this area, Design Squid has you covered

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