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3 Types of Rebranding

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Branding

3 Types of Rebranding, Design Squid, Houston Texas

If your small company is looking to rebrand, you need to know what types of rebranding. Knowing the different types of rebranding will help you decide between a simple refresh or a full rebranding. 

What are the most popular types of rebranding?

There are three main types of rebranding in marketing: a brand merger, a brand refresh, and a full rebranding. These are needed for different reasons, and the level of work needed is different for each type. 

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  1. Brand Merger or Acquisition
  2. Brand Refresh
  3. Full Rebrand

1) Brand Merger or Acquisition

This type of rebranding happens when two existing brands come together to form a new brand. Brands will morph together when there is an acquisition. Brand mergers work best when the two brands are cohesive with one another. In other cases, it may be wiser to do a full rebrand to combine the two companies. Full rebranding can take more time, so be aware of that. 

2) Brand Refresh

What is a brand refresh? Brand refreshes can be as simple as updating your logo, to shifting your mission focus. This is much less intensive than fully rebranding your company, but it does involve updating all existing copies of your logo, printing materials, your website, and other design pieces. 

3) Full Rebrand

A full rebrand is tearing your brand down and building it back up from the foundation. Maybe you are expanding your market into another industry, or maybe there was a huge change in management. Either way, a full rebrand is labor-intensive. 

You should only do this when it is necessary, like when you are not connecting with your target market. Connecting with your target audience is the best marketing strategy you can have, so if you are not doing that a full rebrand may be a good idea.  

Successful Rebranding is the Goal

The main goal of any rebranding is to better communicate your brand identity. Why does your company exist, and why should customers support you? These are the questions you should answer with your brand identity. 

Design Squid Can Help

Rebranding can be as simple or as intensive as you make it. Whether you are doing a simple refresh, or a full rebrand Design Squid can help. 

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